Chanda Clement

web_pics_018.jpg Chanda Clement serves as the office Administrator for All Broward Chiropractic & Pain Rehab. She has  30 years experience in management and administration.  She has been with our company for over 19 years and she is one of  our most valuable assets.  Chanda provides daily supervision of our staff, organizes community based events, coordinates patient satisfaction and handles office financing and billing procedures.  Chanda has attended  Chiropractic consulting seminars such as Singer, Sigafoose and Dynamic Essentials to further her knowledge in Chiropractic management.  She attends Fred Pryor management seminars monthly.   She is the mother of 2 boys and has been married for over 21 years. She enjoys being a "baseball mom". It was an easy decisions to bring her on board as she shares great love and appreciation for Chiropractic.

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